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Aberdeen Humming

Aberdeen Humming

8-Channel Public Sound Installation, 2013

As a community project, Aberdeen Humming concerns collective memory through songs and uses humming as a mode of revealing such memories. Usually, we try to understand a place and its people through various scientific and sociological tools. But being a composer and sound artist, Kim feels that it is the sounds the place and its people make that tell us what the place is and who these people are—more importantly, how they have become what they are now. Kim has always been interested in the relationship between people and place and how people’s memory plays a role, and this installation is another attempt to examine it. Kim has previously created two other humming projects, In Tune, Out of Tune (2009) in Berlin in Germany, and the other in Silver City, New Mexico in the US.

Aberdeen Humming is trying to showcase hums from at least 400 to 500 people in Aberdeen by asking them to hum their childhood songs. The project, which runs from July to December, 2013, has two components: Humming Booth and Aberdeen Humming, the final sound installtion.

Aberdeen Humming is supported by sound festival and Abedeen City Council.

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