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AD 1948 Antigone

VR + Immersive Sound Project (Funded by Arts Council Korea)

SERG members (Daegyeom Heo, Suk-Jun Kim, and Kwangrae Kim) realised a VR +Immmersive Sound Project titled AD 1948 Antigone, with a major grant from Arts Council Korea.

Retelling Jeju 4.3 Massacre through the story of Antigone, a Greek tragedy, AD 1949 Antigone is an interdiciplinary project as the result of a collaboration among specialists and artists in diverse arts practice, including theatre (Theatre Company Gabyeon), visual art (VR production company TOPOS + digital sccenography),  film, and 3D sound technology (SERG).

The work was premiered at JEJU 4.3 PEACE PARK, South Korea, in February 2018.