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Hasla, a book/DVD which includes many of my compositions and installations, has just been published by DAAD and Kerher Verlag, Germany. Hasla catalogs, and is part of my Hasla project, which I have been working on for some years. Also included are short articles by Denis Smalley, Folkmar Hein, and Julia Schrörder and a short story by me. I thank Denis, Folkmar and Julia for their texts, Folkmar for the time and energy he invested in this book as editor, and Ingrid Beirer and DAAD for their generous support.

Hasla is an encyclopedia of a land called Hasla, a vast, faraway place that does not exist. In order to corroborate the existence of Hasla and its many cities and towns as well as prove that I, the traveler, have been there to witness the land and its people, I showcase a series of compositions, installations as well as a story as evidence.

The Hasla Project started in December 2007 and early 2008 and continued until 2011. It was one of the main project I worked on while living in Berlin for one year as a DAAD Artists-in-Berlin resident composer. The result of the project is Hasla, a book/DVD, cataloguing my compositions, installations, and a short story, as well as reviews and writings by three other artists. You can download the PDF copy of the book for more information.

You can get your copy from Amazon UK or Amazon DE. Or please contact me for your copy. It is in English and German.

Download a PDF Copy