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Hedda (2018)

Hedda - an interdisciplinary project of dance, sound and Japanese ink drawings

In this interdisciplinary performance Visual Artist Kate Steenhauer, Dancer/Choreographer Imogene Newland and Sound Artist Suk-Jun Kim create a dialogue between movement, sound and Japanese ink drawings unfolding live on a screen through a projector. The dialogue focusses on malfunctioning of human body and mind in different stages of life. The performance is set to take place in the William Guild Arts Lecture Theatre of Aberdeen University at 3pm on April 26th of May as part of the May Festival.

Dr Newland said: Not only does the interface between drawing and movement appear by capturing flowing lines and distinct gestures that the dancer creates, but also by the added layer of choreographic scoring through which movement might be mapped. The stage becomes a canvas through which the body inscribes its journey; movements that precipitate the dance of the artist’s hand in it’s flight across the paper.


Dr Steenhauer adds: The fluidity of Japanese ink lends itself very well for capturing the essence of a pose, or mirroring motion, as well as introducing characters and background for the dancer to interact with and respond to. The colour and marks that can be created in Japanese ink are unique – mixed with the constant movement of the visual image, sometimes coming clear, sometimes more abstract, but always radiating inherent beauty.

Dr Kim adds: All of these motions and colours are further explored in sound through its gestural, textural and timbral permutations that would resemble to support, or contrast to question the visual and somatic discourses.

 The trio hope to create a novel experience for the audience, not only playing an intimate part in their watching of a visual artist in full flow, rarely seen anywhere, but also capturing their attention by the different ways a dancer on stage can interact with live drawings and sounds.


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