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Home-البيت-집 1


Images with ambisonic compositions

Home-البيت-집 is a collaboration project between Syrian artist Sara Khayat and Korean sound artist Suk-Jun Kim, as part of Syrian Humming Project: Third Responses.

Third Responses to the Syrian Humming
Hums are never just about songs.They are always more about stories, memories, feelings of you and me.

In partnership with arthereistanbul, SERG, and sonADA, and with the generous support by the University of Aberdeen and the Aberdeen City Council (Creative Funding), we have commissioned Syrian artists in Turkey to tell us their stories via music, sound and image, and storytelling. Third Responses, which have been completed in early 2022 with the support from the University of Aberdeen and the Aberdeen City Council, showcases commissioned works of film, music, image and storytelling by Syrian artists in collaboration with Suk-Jun Kim. The exhibition took place simultaneously in Aberdeen, Scotland, UK, and Istanbul, Turkey, in April 2022.