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Sound Installation, 2009, one-channel video and two-channel audio installation with a wooden board

On the TV screen, a teller (or the traveler himself) continues to name the cities in Hasla, and a wooden board on the desk shows the trace of the traveler who struggled not to forget those names by writing them on it again and again. We can no longer know what these cities are called, and are only left with the sounds of the scribbling on the plate.

I recorded the sounds of me writing on the board the names of the cities in Halsa. These sounds were then juxtaposed together and further manipulated by filters that made the sounds as if they were voices. More specifically, the formants information of the vowels of the city names were used with the filters so that, even though unrecognizable, each sound attached to the movement of the mouth on the TV makes the listener imagine the names.

 In collaboration with Sung-Eun Kim; A Travel Log: From Fwarrheu to Hejning – Solo Exhibition at the daadgalerie, Berlin, Germany (Dec. 5, 2009 to Jan. 16, 2010)