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Silver City Humming

Silver City Humming

8-Channel Public Sound Installation, 2012, Silver City, New Mexico

Silver City Humming, a public sound installation created by Dr. Suk-Jun Kim, professor of Sound Art at Interdisciplinary Expressive Arts (iDEA), and students at Western (Mia Alessandra, Elizabeth Allen, Anna Davis, Doug Miranda, Cristina Soltero, and Robert Torres), is to be open on September 7, 2012.

Funded by the WNMY Faculty Research Grant, Silver City Humming is an artistic exploration of Silver City and its people and Dr. Kim and his students have collected over the past few months hummings of some 160 people in Silver City. Silver City Humming will be played through eight speakers installed at Student Memorial Building, 3rd Floor, from September 7, 2012 (Monday to Friday) between 10:00 am and 4:30 pm for one month.

The following people have graciously offered their hum. Thank you: Sam, Mia, Luke, Elizabeth, Jun, Brock, Doug, Anna, Erin, Brian, Erika, and Children (Phoenix, Bella, Axan, Julian, Vijay, Jace, Jasper, Emma, Abbey, Jordan, Kaiden, Lola, Sebi, Lily, Faith, Kodah, Jordan, Ginger, Ivy, Olive, Sylvia, Sarah, Kashius, Joseph, Ekkai and John) from Guadalupe Montessori School (Thank you, Ellen and Hillary) and Frances, Matthew, Brandy, Tyler, Peter (Bill), Peter (Garcia), Yessica and Sophia, Maya and Nellie, some people from the School of Education at WNMU (Patricia, Debra, Phillip, Barbara, Spri, and Mary), Johnny, Jose, Justin, Roderick, Jean-Benoit, Ashley, David, April, Renee, Judith, Benjamin, Ben, Gabrielle, Renee, Cody, Jeremiah, Mary, Alexandria, Alice, Tommy, Chris, Tricia, the Cookie-man, Fanny, Ella, Moira, Laura, Ed, Michel, Leslie, Rachel, Renee, Sarah, Berenice, Jarita, Corrina, Cindy, Catherine, Felicia, Andrea, Michelle, Gilda, Fernando, Jason, Alyssa, Jeffrey, Mary, Tyler, Bertha, Cristina, Hector, Leonel, Ludwika, Miguel and Miguel Jr., Miriam, Nestor, Rosalia, Rossi, Will, Dabareh, Joe, Faye, Michael, Mimi, Abe, Linda, Dena, MaryAnn, Jennie, Lynn, Michelle, Dustin, Wyatt, Cody, Amanda, Chelsea, Eric, Chala, Danny, Carmen, Erin, Chris, Melissa, Jorge, Joe, Dabareh, Faye, Elaine (and tens of anonymous people in Silver City)

This is the second humming project following In Tune, Out of Tune (Berlin Humming).