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Souvenirs for Your Itineraries

Sound installation, 2009, 60-channel sound installation
with 120 piezo discs

These are the sounds that the traveler has collected while exploring deep into Hasla.

They are archaic, showing the vestige of either some dialects spoken only in certain parts of the region or the sounds you may experience while crossing there.

Listen closely and you will hear stories of how places in Halsa came into being.

Grab one or two and bring them close to your ears! They are for your itineraries to Hasla.

The 120 piezo discs in Souvenirs for Your Itineraries are driven by ten PCBs, each of which has 12 outputs. Each PCB has six independent audio channel and each channel consists of a voltage-triggering component (NE555 chip), an oscillator (CD4093), and an amplifier (LM386). Since each component (except the amplifier) is made of resistors and capacitors whose value is different from those of other components, they make different sounds at a different time interval. Furthermore, some of the triggering components are equipped with photo resistors, which randomize the voltage-trigging sequences depending on the ambient light.

A Travel Log: From Fwarrheu to Hejning – Solo Exhibition at the daadgalerie, Berlin, Germany (Dec. 5, 2009 to Jan. 16, 2010)